About Kannan Borewells Drilling Contractors

Government Approved, Kannan borewell drilling company was founded by Mr.N.K. Sukumar in the year of 1994 that represents a family tradition in importing borewell drilling contract. The company is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. For the past 2 decades, Kannan Borewell offering a different form of borewell drilling works to improve the lives of people. We are serving for thousands of clients in many areas through the successful execution of borewell projects.


Kannan Borewell Drilling Offer you

1. Groundwater surveys by professional Geologists and Hydrologists to assist customers in finding the borewell point.

2. We are pioneers in

  • Water well drilling
  • Installation of pumps
  • Borewell drilling
  • Tubewell drilling
  • Borewell recharge
  • Borewell repairs
  • Borewell services

3. Latest technologies with scientific equipment and machineries to provide professional long-term solutions to borewell drilling and services.

4. 24/7 customer support system

5. Borewell drilling and services are all at reasonable rates.

6. We provide borewell services and solutions to every type of business

Growth of Kannan Borewells Since 1994

Kannan Borewell became one of the best Tubewell Drillers in Bangalore which has maintained the quality and providing long-lasting borewell services since 1994 in Bangalore. Over these decades of experience the establishment is backed by the "personal" service which is unheard of in the drilling industry and also Govt approved drilling contractors in Bangalore. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction by providing them with excellent borewell services and solutions have helped us rise to leaders in water well drilling rigs in these 24 years.


Our Vision

Trust and strong relationship with customers by giving them smart borewell drilling services and solutions.

Kannan Borewell aims to provide a great work environment where we treat each other with loyalty and respect.

We are committed to consistency, honesty and efficiency.

We provide the highest standards of excellence in purchasing and product management

Opinions, constructive criticism and input of those respected is welcomed.

Our Values

INNOVATION – Growing towards excellence.

PRODUCTION – Delivering best services with teamwork and strong leadership throughout.

LOYALTY – Sincerity, certainty and respect for each other.