Borewell Drilling from Sukumar Kannan Borewells

Kannan Borewell are leaders in borewell drilling services covering range of borewell services including industrial, residential, commercial, agricultural, household, municipal applications, constructions and others. Our team of professional geologists have years of expertise in tubewell drilling, groundwater exploration, installation of borewell pumps, recharge of borewell and borewell repairs and services.

Borewell drilling is based on the geological formation of the land. The High-pressure hydraulic rigs with advanced technology are used for the borewell drilling process. Typically, 4 ½ ", 6", 6 ½ ", 8", 10"& 12" are the diameter of the drilling Bit to ensure the size of the borewell.

Borewell drilling process is efficiently executed by our team of professional geologists who can tap the exact source of the water underground providing you with safe drinking water and other purpose. The complete groundwater survey and understanding of the topography of the ground is executed before commencing the borewell drilling that leads to affordable borewell drilling cost.

groundwater survey underground water exploration

Groundwater Survey by Kannan Rig Service and Borewells Bangalore

Groundwater may be near the Earth's surface or as deep as 30,000 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Borewell digging is the first step before construction of any site including residential, industrial, commercial and even agricultural site. We need to find the best of source of water under the earth, before proceeding to the process of digging borewell. The water table – which is the depth to ground water, follows the surrounding earth conditions.

“When we drill from a high point, the groundwater is deep and if you drill from a low spot, the groundwater is shallow – says Mike Peters, Geologist. Because where the groundwater is shallow the vegetation is more likely to be green. Also, some types of vegetation, like sycamore trees or cane, prefer a moist environment.”

Kannan Rig Service and Borewells Bangalore - team of profound Geologists and Engineers carry advance geophysical techniques that quickly finds the prime source of underground water which is excellent place for digging borewell.

How to find underground water to dig borewell?

• Groundwater varies from place to place depending on the geographical topography and location.

• We identify the structural weaknesses of the earth’s surface by geophysical surveys involving airborne electromagnetic or passive seismic surveys. In certain cases, we map the topography and identify permeable layers.

• Water Dowsing is the traditional method to locate underground water where we use Y shaped stick, coconuts, eggs, pendulum and other devices. 2. Scientifically, hydrologic and geophysical knowledge and surveys are extended to determine the depths and extent of the different water-bearing earth’s surface.

• In ground water testing methods, our team of Geologists at Kannan Rig Service and Borewells - study the distribution of different kinds of rocks both on the surface and beneath the ground. .

• We find aquifers that have fairly uniform permeability. Some rocks might have large cracks and have openings large enough to carry water.

• Our team of hydrologists take the help of existing wells in the site also, that provides clues of good amount of water source based on the type of rocks penetrated by the walls of the well and amount of water pumped or sourced out by the aquifer to the well.

• We then, determine the best source of water based on depth, quality and quantity. We conduct series of best tests before digging the borewell for a particular site to give the best long-term solution for water source

borewell camera scanningborewell scanning

Borewell Camera Scanning

Kannan borewell advanced camera scanning process technology is the best in the borewell service industry in Bangalore. With detailed scanning of the borewell we reach the exact source of water.

What are the steps in Borewell camera scanning process?

• A specialized waterproof camera is sent inside the borewell.

• The camera is sealed well to avoid any condensation and disturbance.

• The camera connected with LED are designed for longevity and to gain clear images from the camera.

• Precise images of rock formation and number of sources of water are collected by the camera.

• Through borewell scanning process, we are able to detect any slit or boulder present and installation of casing pipe.

• Our team of geologists collects all the geological data and creates a detailed report of the water source that helps in installing the water pump

• The detailed scanning process helps us estimate the depth and power consumption by the borewell pump.

tube well drillingtube well drilling contractors

Tube well Drilling

Kannan Rig Service and Borewells provides permanent smart solutions to the water scarcity problem through tube well drilling. Our team of borewell drilling experts analyzes the ground to the detail and work with latest technologies in lift irrigation for tube well drilling.

Features of Tube Well Drilling

• Tube well drilling is used in soft rocks or alluvial soil

• Casing of the tube is Galvanized iron

• Tube well goes deep down further from the ground level

• Tubewell works under lift irrigation

• The strainer fitted at the bottom of the pipe helps avoid subsoil particles entering the pipe

• Velocity of the water is very high to keep the pipes surroundings clean within.

borewell cleaning serviceskannan borewell cleaning services

Borewell Cleaning Services

Kannan Rig Service and Borewells unmatched leading professional borewell cleaning services in Bangalore has drawn customers from all around. Borewells need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure efficient water flow and drinking safe water.

What are the steps taken for Borewell Cleaning Services?

• Quality of the water is tested to detect any bacteria present including total coliform bacteria and escherichia coli bacteria.

• High pressure advanced air compressors are used to clean any dust or wastes inside the borewell

• Scientifically tested borewell cleaning equipment are used ensuring safety of the water used for drinking and other purpose.

• Tests are conducted for water that is used for cooking, drinking, watering plants and other purposes. The steps involved in testing water in borewell cleaning services include,

• Test Dissolved solid particles

• Electrical conductivity of the water

• Bacteria presence

• pH to check the alkalinity

• Check the hardness of the water

• Presence of Harmful Chemicals

Our borewell cleaning services are at reasonable rates and we are available 24/7 at your service. If you are facing with any borewell problem, contact Kannan Rig Service and Borewells cleaning service for efficient and permanent solutions.

borewell rechargingkannan borewell recharging

Borewell Recharging

Kannan Rig Service and Borewells operates advanced borewell recharging techniques that not only enhances the performance of the borewell but improves the quality of the water as well as the water level in the ground.

Depletion of groundwater level rendered to many dry bore-wells. This called for effective borewell recharging techniques.

Direct recharge of borewells are for dry borewells that yield very less water. Borewells that are relatively new and want to enhance their performance will go for indirect recharge technique.

Rain Water comes to our rescue for recharging and this unique method of recharging your borewell saves time and money by quickly making the borewell efficient in pumping quality water faster and easier.

How to recharge my dry borewell with rainwater?

1. Collection of rainwater – a pond or pit is created for collection of water in ground level, next to borewell site in such a manner so that it can collect the monsoon rains. One can even go with roof top method for collection of rain water.

2. PVC or Galvanized Iron Pipelines carry such monsoon rains towards the borewell site.

3. Filter the Impurities and other pollutants in the rainwater.

4. The first runoff water is discarded and then water that comes later are in natural form.

5. The purest form of rainwater is then transferred to borewell. This can be used for drinking, growing food and use for household needs.

What are the Benefits of Recharging the Borewell?

1. Quality of water is improved.

2. The level of the water is up in the ground.

3. Water gets pumped up faster and easier.

4. You save electricity and time.

5. Performance of the borewell increases and sustains for a longer duration

6. Borewell recharge is affordable with Kannan Rig Service and Borewells. It is productive as well as long-term solution for your dry borewells.

kannan borewell repair servicesborewell repair services

Borewell Drilling Repair Service

Increase your water level up with Kannan Borewell Repair Services near you. Any borewell problem? Connect with our team of trained engineers who can resolve any borewell related problems using advanced borewell technology, giving quick faster executable solutions. This will not only increase the performance of the borewell, it will also give longevity to the borewell.

Choose Best Borewell Drillers Near You

1. 24/7 Customer Support System

2. Trained Professional Borewell Experts

3. We use High-end Borewell Equipment

4. We follow excellent safety measures

5. Affordable rates for Borewell Repair Service and Solutions

borewell submersible water pumps installation submersible water pumps

Steps for Installation of Borewell Submersible Water Pumps

1. Submersible pump is installed under the earth’s surface.

2. The tube has air-tight seal that is closely connected to water pump.

3. This tight seal will prevent water from getting inside and avoid short circuit.

4. The pump is set according to the soil condition under the well in order to prevent the pump from picking up any sand or other matter.

5. The water pump lifts water to the ground level. The rotating impeller converts the rotary energy into kinetic energy of water.

6. Due to this process, there is huge savings in electrical consumption.

Features of Borewell Submersible Water Pumps

• Submersible pumps cost is affordable

• Capacity to withstand wide voltage fluctuations

• Operates good with Genset too which will help during power shortage

• There is huge savings in electrical consumption

• Submersible water pumps protect the borewell motor for home and other applications including agriculture, commercial and others.

• Dynamically balanced rotating parts

• Reduced friction

• The rubber bushes ensure long life for pump even in muddy water and other such conditions, especially in farming applications.

• CED coating cast iron components long life & rust free

Borewell Digging in and around Bangalore

Sukumar’s Kannan Borewell has been leaders in borewell digging in and around Bangalore for more than two decades. Licensed borewell drillers and honest approach towards customers borewell drilling requirements, has made Kannan Borewell highly reputed among the people in and around Bangalore as the

Kannan Borewell have successfully done borewell digging for different type of customers ranging from Apartments, Builders, Open plots, Commercial Plots, Industries, Independent Villas, Independent bungalows and more.

Borewell drilling for Purvankara

Recently, Sukumar’s Kannan Borewell did borewell drilling for Purvankara. The Purvankara builders had new borewell drilling requirement near Dollar’s Colony in RMV II Stage. Mr. Sukumar and his team of professional geologists along with borewell engineers dig borewell with high-tech borewell drilling equipment that quickly installed the borewell pumps as well. Purvankara residents are very happy to get quality borewell water for a long-term.

Borewell digging in Brigade

Brigade builders wanted to find the exact source of groundwater for their upcoming project in North Bangalore. Kannan Borewell with their top certified geologists performed groundwater survey and found the exact source of water within no time, much satisfaction to the Brigade residents. New borewell drilling near Brigade apartment was successfully installed.

Borewell drilling for Simplex Infrastructure

Kannan Borewell being the top borewell drilling contractors in Bangalore, was approached by Simplex Infrastructure. They wanted to dig four new borewell drilling at the same time for their construction of high-rise infrastructure, comprising - multi-storeyed residential towers, institutional/IT Buildings, hotels, hospitals and mass housing projects.

Mr. Sukumar’s accurate knowledge about every locality in and around Bangalore saved Simplex Infrastructure’s time when Kannan Borewell Rig units started borewell drilling at all the four locations simultaneously – installed the borewell pumps and successfully completed the borewell digging well in advance.

Metro Borewell drilling service by Kannan Borewell

Metro construction had the borewell drilling requirement and the first person to be contacted was Mr. Sukumar. Under his able guidance the metro borewell drilling service was carried out efficiently without hampering normal traffic and pedestrian pathway. The work was completed well within the stipulated time and borewell drilling was at the best budget.

New borewell drilling projects in top localities in Bangalore in 2019

Sukumar’s Kannan Borewells have successfully completed their new borewell drilling project near Doddaballapur, SahakarNagar, Dasarahalli, Belandur, Varathur, BEML Layout, Kadubeesanahalli, Maruti Swamigal, Kodigehalli, Hosakute, Kadugondanahalli, Amruthahalli and many other top localities in Bangalore.

Further, Sukumar’s Kannan Borewells have successfully started new borewell drilling near 80ft road, RMV II Stage for the top builder in Bangalore – Vaishnavi Splendour. New borewell machine and new borewell drilling projects have started in every corner of the Bangalore city. Book your new borewell drilling near you with Kannan Borewells and ask for Mr. Sukumar! Request for a Free quote.

Robo Borewells, Gas Borewells for New Borewell Drilling near you

Robo borewells, gas borewells are employed for new borewell drilling near residents, apartments with small congested and narrow areas, where bigger drilling units cannot enter. The advantage of using Robo borewells is that the borewell drilling equipment can be manoeuvred easily through small areas where new borewell drilling can be done successfully.

A quick and smart way to install new borewell pumps with Robo borewells or Gas borewells will save money and time.Robo borewells and Gas borewells have been employed near Gedahalli, Malleswaram, Basavangudi, Sultanpalya, Frazer Town and other small and narrow areas for new borewell drilling requirements.