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Kannan water well drilling services include quality water well systems, air & mud rotary drilling. It is owned and operated by Kannan borewells who owned and operated Kannan Borewell Drilling from 1994. At Kannan Borewell’s water well Drilling, our reputation is everything and you can be sure that we pride ourselves in the traditions of hard work, client service, and integrity. We guarantee to do our very best ensuring all of our clients complete satisfaction.

Our Residential / Domestic well department handles everything from the permitting process to assisting you in designing a complete water system to meet your individual needs.  We are your premier water well driller in Bangalore.Kannan borewell’s Water well drilling contractors in Bangalore employs a highly experienced staff of Drillers and Helpers and actively participates in continuing education courses to keep abreast of the various technological advances in this Industry. Kannan Borewells offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your residential and commercial drilling needs in Bangalore. Drilling Techniques include Air and many types of rigs depending on the geological formations.

Today, using an environmentally friendly drilling process, we work hard to make sure all our customers receive the best solution to their needs, but also understand their own property and what the land is able to provide for them. Keeping you satisfied is our goal.Our drilling process is the most environmentally-friendly method available today. With both rotary and cable tool drilling rigs, we are able to drill wells ranging from 100 feet to 1,200 feet. The well drilling process includes rig mobilization and demobilization for the drilling process, as well as installation of a hole-specific well casing and a regulatory surface seal.

Water drilling contractors in Bangalore can handle large commercial systems or small residential systems. We have substantial experience with all sizes of water systems. We realize in water drilling in Bangalore that water is a very important element for living and our top priority is making sure that if you ever have any problems; we handle those problems in the least amount of time in order for you to be back in water as soon as possible.

We offer free estimates for any system ranging to drilling a new well to designing a new pump system for your property. Our experienced, friendly, and highly motivated water well drilling in Bangalore staff can help you make the right choices in designing and helping you decide which path is the correct one for you. We offer a variety of services including but not limited to; Water Well Drilling, Deepening, and Abandonment, New Pump Installation Residential & Commercial (Submersible or Non-Submersible), Electrical involving the pump system, Plumbing involving the pump system, Water System Inspections, Filter Systems, Pressure Tanks, Irrigation Pumps, VFD, Constant Pressure Systems, Turbine Pumps & Motors, Exploration Wells and any other service that involves the Water Well System.

With many different sizes and types of Pump Trucks, Drillings Rigs, Boom Trucks, and other drilling equipment we have the capabilities and are more than prepared to handle any Water System or Exploration Well needs you may have.